A few tamper deterrent screws could be all it takes to prevent the headache of having your number plates stolen.

Number plates are stolen by criminals for a variety of reasons including for petrol station drive offs, burglaries and joyriding. Most people don't realise just how many number plates get stolen. Explaining to police that you were not at a crime scene or should not have to pay a speed camera ticket can be a hassle.

Community patrols have replaced the screws on many thousands of number plates, applying theft deterrent screws which cannot be removed with standard tools. Our Safer Plates events are usually held in large carparks, where there's plenty of space so that our teams of trained installers can ensure strict safety procedures are followed and that customers never have to wait long for their vehicles to be fitted. In return for a $5 fundraising contribution, it usually takes just a few minutes to complete the installation.

Whangarei's next Safer Plates event:

  • 10am - 2pm Saturday 31th August 2019, Bunnings Warehouse Whangarei,

The CPNZ Safer Plates initiative is supported by New Zealand Police. For a contribution of just $5, motorists have their number plate screws replaced with tamper deterrent security screws, making it harder for thieves to remove them. Proceeds from these events enable our local Community Patrol volunteers to maintain essential equipment levels and training.